Admittor covers your whole admissions process from recruitment to final decisions. Admittor serves as the CRM, online application, database, interview scheduler, evaluator and decision management system. You will not have to import or export data between any modules in Admittor. This saves you time and simplifies your admissions operation.


No matter how good the technology is, sometimes it's best to talk to a human, especially close to deadlines when the pressure is on. The Admittor team prides itself on its top-notch service. When you run into a problem, a member of our team and one of the creators of the system will be there to help. Our active users are our number one priority.


We believe that admissions software should not be a one-size-fits-all type of product. Every program has a unique process and our goal is to tailor our software to each client's needs. Admittor has some amazing tools that help you customize the system in a simple user interface. You can customize just about everything, at any time, and with zero delay.

The Most Complete
System on the Market

Admittor is packed with tools and features that can and will help your admissions process. Our team of developers is constantly adding new and exciting elements to the system, using cutting-edge web technology and the very best methods.


Gone are the days when your annual update process takes months. Setting up your applications and user accounts can be done in a matter of hours. Your admissions team and your IT department will not be burdened by a painful transition or setup process.


Admittor is programmed from the ground up with security in mind and passes the highest standards for data security. All data and communication is encrypted and secured and all system operations are checked for authorization.


Don’t worry about hosting the software in-house. All data is stored on a secure and stable server in the cloud.


Our main mission is to develop the best product available and build an excellent relationship with the happiest customers in the world. Admittor is an affordable option for any type of program while also being able to meet the highest expectations for functionality.

Cross Platform Compatible

Offline capability

No Paper

Historical data

Expertly Designed User Interface

Post-Acceptance Forms

Easy to Learn

No email

Cross Platform Compatible

You can access Admittor on your computer, tablet or phone. All you need is a web browser.

Offline Capability

Admissions professionals are often on the road and need to work while traveling. And reliable wifi isn’t always available. You needn’t worry. Admittor can be used offline to review applications, so you can always do your work. This eliminates the need to print - and carry around - a stack of applications while on the road.

No Paper

Paper doesn’t have to be a part of your admissions process anymore. Admittor eliminates the need for paper, but still completely allows for print-friendly pages.

Historical data

You can have all your historical data uploaded to Admittor in just a few hours. The historical data will be searchable and consistent, so you can easily reference the data to ensure you continue to make the best admissions decisions.

Expertly Designed User Interface

When we set out to build Admittor we were motivated to build something simple and beautiful. The leading products on the market were clunky and hard to navigate - definitely not designed with the user experience in mind. A lot of thought was put into every detail of the Admittor system to guarantee an excellent experience for all users.

Post-Acceptance Forms

Admittor solves another problem with post-acceptance forms. You have the option of creating additional forms for accepted applicants once he or she has received a decision. This can be a venue for communicating with the applicant about practical issues like visas, required courses, admit event signups, housing, and so forth.

Easy to Learn

We’ll provide you with a manual and limitless training sessions, but we're guessing you will find Admittor intuitive and very easy to use. The system is designed to be very simple and efficient for an optimal user experience.
The same goes for Admittor’s online application. Its simplicity minimizes the need for applicant and recommender support. The application process should be a straightforward and positive experience for every applicant and recommender.

No email

No more overflowing inboxes. Admittor handles all of your back and forth with colleagues and applicants within the confines of the web-based system.




Admittor develops high-quality software solutions for university admissions departments. The company’s flagship product was developed with help from admission officers at one of the world’s leading universities and launched in 2013. Admittor was founded in Iceland in 2011 and is based in Reykjavik, Iceland and Cambridge, MA.


The Admittor team is a close-knit group. We love making great software, especially when it helps people be more productive and collaborate more easily. Admissions is a complex process that is highly individual for each admissions department, so engineering a system to cope with our clients' stringent demands has presented a rewarding challenge.
We're proud of what we've built and of our satisfied customers. We look forward to advancing our system even further and bringing its productivity gains to ever more admissions professionals around the globe.


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